How Musicians Benefit From Facebook

The music industry is a difficult one to break into and an even harder one to stay relevant in. Playing shows on Sunset Blvd. and recording a demo will only get you so far, if you’re lucky, and it might not even get you anywhere at all. With the way the music industry is today, you can’t wait for that big break to come walking through the door. You can’t rely on talent and high hopes anymore, because the only thing that pays off is hard work, and with the explosion of Social Media in the past few years, a lot of that hard work can be done from your computer.

Social Media outlets like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have provided musicians with invaluable tools that get their music out to the world quicker and more effectively than hitting the pavement with a stack of CD’s. Building a fan following on these social media networks can be slow going at first, but there are ways to get started. It is not unheard of to buy Facebook fans and Twitter followers to get a fan base up and running. Of course, you want those true, diehard fans and who follow you because they like the music and what you have to say, but the music industry is a business and this is a business move that works. With the beginning of a fan base, your reach within any particular social network expands allowing others to discover your music naturally and that is how you begin to build a solid foundation of true and loyal fans that will buy your merchandise, watch your YouTube videos and come to your shows. When you buy Facebook fans and likes, it also gives your band page a boost of credibility. It shows that there are already fans interested in you, and that makes others want to see what you have to offer.

The hard work comes in with the daily upkeep of your social media page. Keeping up a regular stream of content on your Facebook page is extremely important for a few reasons:

  1. You don’t want your fans to forget about you. Posting something every day allows your followers to get to know you and know what to expect from you. It makes them feel comfortable and gives them something to look forward to.
  2. It links your social media outlets together and expands your network. By linking your Twitter and Facebook updates together and then posting status updates from your Twitter account, you are advertising on Facebook that you have a Twitter. Fans will pick up on that and you will gain more Twitter followers. Also, posting YouTube links on Facebook on a regular basis will drive traffic to your YouTube page, which ups your YouTube views.
  3. Activity on your social sites will positively affect your Google ranking. Comments, likes and shares on your Facebook page all send social cues to a new algorithm change that Google is using to rank search results.

So, by taking advantage of the social media outlets available to you, you can build your fan base, positively affect your search engine ranking and acquire followers who would have been impossible to reach before.